Media: Russia is looking for ways not to comply with the court order to pay $50 billion in the

the Russian authorities are trying to avoid enforcement of the judgment in the United States on payment of $50 billion to former Yukos shareholders. This writes Forbes.

the Newspaper reminds that in February the court in the Hague upheld the decision of 2014, obliging Russia to pay shareholders “unlawfully expropriated investment”. The former shareholders of Yukos may resume attempts to arrest state-owned assets of Russia in the United States to provide a penalty of $50 billion.

on Monday, Moscow appealed to the district court of the United States not to resume its consideration of the lawsuits filed in America. The authorities are trying to avoid losing other assets and need not arrest them at least until then, until it is determined “the final outcome of the trial in the Netherlands”.

In may, the former shareholders also sued owned the rights to the vodka brands “Stolichnaya” and “Moskovskaya”.

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