Media: Scientists of the RAS, called the dismantling of signs

Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) require to find the vandals, who disassemble the plates of the project “the Last address” in Tver and Yekaterinburg. The message is addressed to the administrations of cities and police and published, according to the Sign, in the newspaper “Troitsky variant”.

“We were outraged by the dismantling and corruption in Yekaterinburg several memorial plaques of the public project “the Last address”. Among them was a plaque installed in memory of the outstanding Soviet physics-Simeon Shubin, one of the founders of the Ural school of theoretical physicists, who founded the modern quantum theory of solids”, the document States.

Just signed 83 corresponding members, academician and Professor.

the Signs were dismantled in Yekaterinburg and Tver. The text States that “in both cases, the reaction of the authorities the impression that they are, if not directly approve of these crimes, then look at them through your fingers”.

In the framework of the project “the Last address” is set to total more than 900 characters in 52 cities and villages in Russia.

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