Media: Searches in the case of fraud by the security forces moved in traffic police of Petersburg

In St. Petersburg are continuing the searches in the case of abuse of power, where appears the name of major-General of the interior Ministry Ivan Abakumov. This time followed came to the traffic police unit, reports 47news.

According to the newspaper, on the morning of July 9, SC in St. Petersburg and the Management of own safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs searched the premises in Interdistrict registration-examination Department (MREO) of the city. Security officers visited the offices of legal, registration and other departments.

As noted, the results of the previous inspection on 7 July showed that all commercial MREO Northern capital regularly sent money to Fund the assistance programs of the police Department of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. According to the interlocutor of the edition, police sometimes conduct “almost meeting with CEO ired” for recommendations for assistance to the Fund.

Earlier, law enforcement agencies to restore the premises on the street red Textile workers, where the Foundation and the village of five Rivers, which is the house of former Deputy chief of GU Ministry of internal Affairs the General-major Ivan Abakumov.

a Criminal case under abuse of authority due to the illegal and systematic transfer of money to the institution from the Petersburg businessmen. Journalists linked the investigation with his grandson of the former head of the Federal security service of Russia Nikita Murov, who directs the two companies to establish a Fund.

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