Media: St. Petersburg, café tenant stabbed landlord due to the failure to reduce the rent payment

the Owner of a cafe with a kebab in Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg killed the owner of the premises due to the fact that he refused to lower the rent, according to citing law enforcement sources.

on 16 June in the café of the house № 78 on Leninsky Prospekt, the police found the body of an individual entrepreneur with a stab wound to the neck and abdomen. Slain St. Petersburg was 51 years old. After an hour at the cafe arrested a suspect — he was a businessman who recently demanded that the killed to reduce the rent of the premises.

read More about the nature of the suspect “78” said the worker of cafe on Leninsky Prospekt, Ekaterina Popova.

“Yes, with regards to work we had a debate, like the bosses to the workers, but in human terms he was absolutely adequate person. If you need help and to borrow money, and anything else. We were in shock, we realized that dialogue was, that’s how it ended,” said the girl.

Popov said that the late learned: the conflict arose because of the question about payment of the room. The café employee said that the man was desperate, “as it “threw” a large amount of money. According to her, he opened a new business, doing indoor repairs, but had no money. As for a cafe with a kebab, because of the epidemiological limitations, it does not work for three months, which is why the owner has accumulated a debt of 300 thousand rubles.

Upon murder criminal case is brought, the detainee was taken to the police.

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