Media: Sweden faced a serious economic crisis

Sweden faces a massive economic crisis, despite the rejection of rigid quarantine coronavirus, according to Bloomberg.

According to the statistical office of the country in April, unemployment in Sweden rose to 7.9%. Thus, according to the analyst of the Agency Johanna Jansson, the unemployment rate could reach 17%, if you do not recover and demand for goods and services.

At the same time, the Swedish authorities consider the bill, by which the firing of employees easier for employers and will cost them cheaper than before. The bill has drawn the disapproval of the trade unions and the opposition. The leaders of the opposition parties stated that if amendments to the law are adopted, they will declare a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister Stephen Leuven.

last week, Bloomberg wrote about the likelihood of Sweden’s worst economic downturn since the Second world war. As was stated by the Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish economy for the year 2020 could be reduced by 7%.

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