Media: the Authorities of the Pushkin district of ignoring the dissatisfaction of local residents to draft a new highway

the Inhabitants of the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg continue to oppose the construction of a highway along the railroad in the village of Alexander. According to the coordinator of the “Citizen Pushkin” Alexander Belyaev, the authorities are thus trying to realize the project of the satellite city “South” — against the interests of the local population.

In social networks, citizens are writing that they consider accessibility in the area and without adequate. “All in order to build a huge city near the World famous suburbs and to smother him together with the indigenous people!” — outraged one of the users.

Recently, the district administration held a meeting with representatives of relevant departments of the city. It was attended by the head of the Pushkin district, the main architect of Petersburg Vladimir Grigoriev, Director of the nipts of the General plan of Saint-Petersburg Yury Baca and several officials. According to the report of the district administration, from the plan excluded some inconvenient for residents of the trails that “will minimize the risks of a material nature affecting the interests of property owners”.

According to Belyaev, the meeting was not invited local residents, and all of the changes boil down to the fact that the track is simply transferred from one local street to another.

Commentators in social networks called actions of the authorities are insufficient and self — deceived.

“Obviously, in the Pushkin district expect from local authorities, including from the head of the administrative unit Omelnitskogo, more action and real help in addressing this issue, which should be taken into account the views of residents in these settlements people. Because of the construction of the proposed highway in the first place it will suffer the residents of Pushkin and the village of Aleksandrovsk,” notes the news Agency Federalcity. However, says the publication, “the administration of the Pushkin district continues to ignore the demands of local residents”.

Earlier, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of Nadezhda Tikhonova sent an appeal to the Smolny. The MP believes that the issue of construction of the highway should be discussed directly with the residents.