Media: the Crematorium of Yekaterinburg is experiencing overload due to kovida and heat —

In the crematorium of Yekaterinburg queue formed, as stated in the report E1.RU.

readers of the edition reported that the only city crematorium there were significant queues to receive the ashes of the dead. At the same time, according to Ural the portal, these problems did not occur at all.

employee of the crematorium Eugene confirmed the increased mortality, but it did not consider the issue critical for the company: “Everything in time, everything moves, everything moves. Yes, mortality is high. But not much more than before.”

relatives of the dead say that a private funeral service offer “urgency” for the reception of ashes. At the same time, the price tags that they voiced in the field of funeral services, do not look quite adequate. So, one of the townspeople explained that the morgues storing bodies costs 800 rubles per day, while the fee for urgency cost 1 thousand rubles. In the end, from Yekaterinburg chose a one-time fee instead of waiting.

Another woman said that on July 4 of her friends drowned a relative, and 8-th of his body was in the morgue, but still (report dated 27 July) the family has not received the ballot box.

Another employee of the crematorium, talked to a journalist, tried on behalf of the management to escort the reporter from the territory of the crematorium, but in the end it explained that it “comes very much to the people.” In the opinion of men, it is associated with pandemic and heat. “Every day a hundred people, and the crematory works day and night, even stove does not switch off,” said he.

the Driver of one of the hearses, Andrew noticed that the “deaths of course have increased.” “My load is increased by 80%, working every day, seven days a week. Now I brought people whose relative died of heart problems,” he said.

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