Media: the Dead girl, which no ambulance arrived, she refused hospitalization

In St. Petersburg, the ambulance could not come to the girl, soon died because she refused hospitalization. The transcript of one of the conversations with the Manager published 47news.

it turned Out that she first wanted to call an ambulance, but changed my mind after the proposal to go to the hospital for examination.

— <...> You have to maintain in the hospital to see the urologist, and gynecologist.

I’m afraid that it will be refusal of admission, if I’m lucky, it is better not.

What? You will not go?


— So, what you’ll do then?

— Diuretic prick, no? Any way?

— Diuretic you the same way you can do to drink. <...>

In the edition 47news note that this is likely the first of the four girls calls in an ambulance. Other audio media are not offers and acknowledges that the refusal of admission still could be announced later.

Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee announced on inspection. Procedural decision has not been made yet.

Add 30-year-old resident of St. Petersburg found dead April 18 in the apartment on Kondratyevsky Avenue. The official diagnosis says that the girl died from heart failure and nephritis. As noted by the media, she called an ambulance, but doctors referred to the workload of hospitals and did not come.

the Parents of the deceased insist on excitation of criminal case.

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