Media: the EU has prepared sanctions against Russia for cybercrime

the EU has prepared sanctions for cybercrime, in relation to a number of countries. The restrictions got intelligence from Russia, China and North Korea, writes, “Корреспондент.net” with reference to “Radio Liberty”.

“the Ambassadors of the EU today took a decision on the freezing of assets against the Russian military intelligence GRU and the intelligence services of China and the DPRK in connection with the cyber attacks WannaCry, NotPetya and Cloud Hopper”, — wrote the journalist mentioned media Rikard Jozwiak on Twitter.

He added that will be imposed visa bans and the freezing of assets of six Russian and Chinese officials.

EU ambassadors have today decided to adopt asset freezes against #Russia’s GRU military intel & the intel services of #China and #NorthKorea over the cyberattacks WannaCry, NotPetya & Cloud Hopper. there will also be visa bans & asset freezes on 6 Russian & Chinese officials.

— Rikard Jozwiak (@RikardJozwiak) July 22, 2020

Earlier, the Canada, the US and Britain accused Russian hackers trying to steal information about the development of the British vaccine against coronavirus. In Moscow has denied the charges.

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