Media: the European Commission until July 16, will publish recommendations for the introduction of eco-labeling of fertilizers with low cadmium content

the European Commission until July 16, 2020, will publish policy recommendations, according to which environmentally friendly manufacturers of mineral fertilizers with low cadmium content (less than 20 mg/kg) will be able to affix them to the green the eco-label. This was reported by “new York times” with reference to the European edition of Politico.

As noted in the publication, the authorities of the European Union for many years tend to find a solution to the problem of accumulation of agricultural products of heavy metals, in particular of toxic cadmium, the who recognized carcinogenic to humans. In soil this substance comes from mineral fertilizer some producers, whose phosphate rock contains impurities.

According to the European Commission, voluntary green labelling of environmentally friendly fertilizers in the interests of local farmers, who can “quickly and effortlessly choose a fertilizer that is not conducive to long-term accumulation of cadmium in the soil”. According to the explanations of the European Commission, the green color of the marking will match the agenda of European environmental policy (European Green Deal) and strategies in the field of environmental protection.

At the moment the majority of EU farmers used phosphate fertilizers produced in North and West Africa, reminds Politico. Due to natural peculiarities of cadmium content in these fertilizers significantly exceeds the safe level of 20 mg/kg. “In contrast, the phosphates of the Russian producers have significantly lower natural content of the metal”, the material says Politico.

the Publication cites a comment of the representative of the world’s leading manufacturer of phosphate fertilizer company PhosAgro, which notes that the introduction of the eco-label takes into account “consumer demand for safer and high quality foods, and increasing the number of scientific studies, according to which reductiontion level of cadmium in fertilizers will help maintain the health of the soil and reducing the concentration of this toxic metal in the food.”

However, according to Politico, this “green” initiatives, there were opponents: “One of the countries that opposed the new rules on labelling, is Poland, which has always sought to avoid trade dependence on Russia, but it has its own fertilizer production and field production of phosphate rock in Senegal”.

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