Media: the Experts found in the words of Navalny

specialists of the center “Top Expert” claim that opposition leader Alexei Navalny on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow” on April 27, 2020 “has publicly called on the audience for the overthrow of the Russian government, including a violent way.” Results of linguistic examination conducted by the “Top Expert” at the request of former Vice-Governor of the Kirov region Sergey Karnauhova given on the website RT.

Karnaukhov asked to establish whether there are, in the words of Navalny “linguistic features of the motivation to commit any actions (including violent, destructive)”. He also asked the experts the question of what motivates the Bulk on what the action and object in question and to whom these statements.

the Examination was conducted from 18 to 28 July. In conclusion, experts noted that criticism of the authorities, the media itself should not be regarded in all cases as an action aimed at humiliation of a person or group of persons, “because these persons the limits of acceptable criticism are wider, than concerning private persons”.

However, writing further experts, the idea of Navalny was “in calling anyone to any action, not expressing your own feelings.” Statements represent “forms of approval” and are not a value judgment. Also they have no “reference to the source of the information” they “is not expressed through imagery and figurative meaning”.

Karnaukhov intends to send experts to law enforcement bodies, including the Prosecutor’s office. Previously, he has addressed in FSB with the request to verify the statements of Navalny on the subject of extremism.