Media: the Immortal regiment March again unable to move

the March of “Immortal regiment”, which is scheduled for July 26, unable to move again. As the new date considered September 2, according to “Vedomosti”.

Different sources cite different reasons for migration. So, according to them, the March may be postponed due to the situation of the coronavirus, which in some regions remains alarming, as the other reasons mentioned heat and humidity. When this naval parades scheduled for that day will be the preparation for it continues, while the procession to prepare has not yet started.

Some regions are responsible for making the decision to move the March: the Governor of the Oryol region Andrey Klychkov has announced that the March in the region is delayed due to the complex distribution problems COVID-19.

we will Remind, recently the head of the movement “Immortal regiment of Russia” Artem Khutorskoy noted that the decisions of the March it 26 Jul yet.

Also we will remind that the procession, which is traditionally held on may 9, this year did not take place due to pandemic coronavirus. March is not canceled, but postponed indefinitely. President Vladimir Putin proposed to conduct it on 26 July, the day of the Navy in the event of a favourable epigastrica.

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