Media: the Issuance of Bank cards can be paid

the Association of Russian banks (ADB) has asked the government not to use administrative regulation to the Commission for payment acceptance (acquiring). The newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the text of the letter reports that the conservation of acquiring commissions for online retail and medical institutions at the level of 1% can lead to the fact that banks will be forced to charge their clients for issue of new cards and their service.

“the Decline of acquiring commissions will reduce incentives to use non-cash methods of payment because the issuing banks will be forced to start collecting money from consumers for issuing and servicing of cards the use of payment applications, access to the count centre. As well as to reduce or cancel the loyalty program,” reads the letter.

Earlier, the Central Bank limited the acquiring of a fee for online purchases of food, medicines and other medical goods, clothing, everyday products until September 30, 2020.

Add Russian banks have canceled the Commission for interregional transfers within the same Bank. The law provides that the amount of Commission charged by the Bank when transferring funds between accounts of physical persons, can not be attributed to the opening of such Bank accounts in different separate divisions (internal structural units) of a credit institution. The document does not allow banks to take citizens with higher tariffs for interregional transfers within the Bank.

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