Media: the Myth of

Russia is trying to attribute a hacker attack. According to “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, in Germany trying to stir up scandal with the “Russian hackers” that allegedly attacked in the Bundestag 2015. In addition, a number of foreign media not rule out a possible “Russian trace” in the riots in the United States following the police murder of an African American in Minneapolis.

the American stuffing is carried out for a few months before the presidential election. “Now the electoral cycle of the United States is in the early stages, and active elective activity has not started yet, but now American audiences, actively speak for “predictive” thesis about the inevitable “intervention by Russian hackers” in the upcoming elections”, — stated in the report of the independent researchers “Information warfare against Russia: designing the enemy”, which changes on the information front in recent years.

the Mythical “Russian hackers”, the “NG” have become the traditional response to European and American political strategists in the information field completely overlooked the fact that if in fact such cyberwealth was carried out, they would have been an indicator of the helplessness of the CIA, FBI and foreign intelligence services.

meanwhile, the newspaper reminds, the manipulation of this theme allows a number of politicians to pursue their self-interests, and to justify the inappropriate and even blasphemous actions against Russia and the historical memory of peoples. For example, with the demolition in April 2020, the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev in Prague. The initiator of this act was made by the mayor of the sixth district ondřej kolář, whose father Petr kolář is a member of the American consulting company SpuirePatton Boggs and is known for his Russophobic views. An international scandal broke out. And instead of to admit erroneous actions of “minor politicians” as they dubbed President Milos Zeman, the Czech media is beginning to play out the theme of “Russian hackers”.

citing anonymous from the security Information service of Czech Republic and the security Council, the newspaper “Novyny Lidove” produces the investigation, the conclusions of which say that Russians are guilty in the December and March hacker attacks on national hospitals in the country. Then in the media there is evidence that the alleged hackers in revenge for the demolition of the monument, also tried to hack the system of the Prague international Vaclav Havel airport and looking after them succeeded with the help of U.S. intelligence. The news was quickly commented on by Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, who promised to find and punish the guilty. The technical Director of the Czech-American IT company ESET Miroslav of Dworzec, previously considered attacks on the hospitals actions cyberhawks dramatically changed point of view and also began to insist on the “Russian trace”.

His contribution to Czech history was made and the Ukraine. As recalled by “NG”, the events unfolded against the backdrop of raging in Europe of a pandemic coronavirus infection. At this time Russia was sending aid to European countries, and Russian military doctors helped fight the epidemic in Italy. All this contributed to the fact that antirossiyskie mood in Europe began to wane. Also, on the back faded into the background of the Ukrainian theme, exployee which helped Square to obtain economic aid from abroad.

It was not in the plans of the Ukrainian politicians and the Ukrainian Ambassador to the Czech Republic Yevhen perebyinis directly accused in the attacks on the hospital, the Russian special services, and the subject of another mythical Russian cyber-attacks has become one of the main news for local media.

it is Noteworthy that analysts do not rule out that the strange attacks on hospitals, which did not cause any harm to these institutions, was a provocation of the Czech secret services in which they couldto help professionals kiberprestupniki the security service, with the skills of the Soviet school of information security and knowing the Russian language, which allows them to mimic the style of Russian programmers. This is supported and supposedly a Russian IP address and comments in Russian, “hardwired” into the code of the virus.

As the Professor of Military Academy of Sciences Sergey Sudakov, Russia can expose the country to international information terrorist, remembering fakes himicheskogo about Russian weapons in Syria and interference in U.S. elections. “How can we anything with facts in hand to prove that it is not, but the American liberal mainstream will not allow this truth to penetrate into the information space of States on a broad front, — quotes Sudakov “NG”.

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