Media: the Russians returned to pre-crisis levels in credit demand

the Number of requests for obtaining different kinds of loans in June reached pre-crisis levels. According to RBC, citing data from the credit history Bureau “Equifax”, in the first summer month total requests amounted to 105% from level of January of the current year.

Experts said that in April and may, these figures were much lower. For example, in April the volume of applications was 95% from January, and in may 88%.

it is Worth noting that a record amount, however, was recorded in March, when it exceeded the level of January by 16%.

however, growth in June cannot be considered homogeneous, the demand for car loans, mortgages and credit card still has not recovered.

According to experts, the growing number of applications in June due to the release from quarantine and some activity in the holiday season, and the fall in real incomes of the population.

Experts also note that in June, slowly began to grow and the share of approved loans however, the pre-crisis level, these indicators have not yet returned. This process will depend on the pace of recovery in economic activity.

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