Media: the Second son of the former Minister of sport staged accident, this time fatal

In Podolsk near Moscow on Saturday night killed a cyclist born in 1975, brought down by the BMW X6.

According to the source TASS in the Department of internal Affairs in the region, behind the wheel of the car was a hockey player and son of former sports Minister Artem Ivanyuzhenkov (1998).

the Accident occurred at about 22:25 GMT on Oktyabrsky Avenue, the cyclist died before arrival “fast”. According to witnesses, his bike literally “ripped” from the impact.

it is Noted that blood alcohol Ivanjuzhenkov found, and the cyclist allegedly suddenly “popped up” in front of him.

Recall that in 2016 older brother Artem — Anton Ivanyuzhenkov, in the same Podolsk, and also in BMW arranged of road accident victims. He crashed into the Skoda, and from blow the foreign car Ivanjuzhenkov bounced to a bus stop where people were standing. As a result, suffered 20-the summer man and 39-year-old woman, and Anton tried to “twist” the numbers are on the scene of the accident.

a Few years ago, the son of the former Deputy of the state Duma Boris Ivanjuzhenkov managed to avoid responsibility, grounds for detention the court did not find. As for the new crash, the interior Ministry do not hasten to officially confirm the identity of the driver, and the sources in the media focus on his “innocence”.

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