Media: the St. Petersburg journalist, who broke his arm, will draw up a report on the disobedience police officer

Journalist David Frenkel called the police in St. Petersburg, to make it more administrative protocols, reports “the Media”.

Specifies that a reporter planning to make protocols on insubordination to police (article 19.3 of the administrative code), intervention in the work of the electoral Commission (article 5.69 Cao Petersburg) and the violation of the mode of increased readiness (article 20.6.1 of the administrative code).

Earlier the journalist of “media zones” David Frankel reported the incident at the polling station from the Fontanka river embankment in St. Petersburg, in which he broke his arm. The diagnosis was confirmed by the doctors of the Institute of emergency care named Dzhanelidze. The investigative Committee initiated a check, it is planned to conduct the examination.

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