Media: the United States put an end to the

the French newspaper Ouest-France published an article about how to change the position of the force in space after sending American ships to the ISS.

Start private missions by the SpaceX company, “has shuffled a large number of cards” and literally ended the era of the Russian “space monopoly” that existed since Soviet times.

“Now the Russians are not the only one who can deliver astronauts to space,” the article says.

it is Noted that safer and more cheap Russian carrier rockets “Soyuz” enjoyed the exclusive right for the implementation of manned flights after 2011, the United States ceased to send ISS its shuttles.

“for nine years, all the inhabitants of the ISS took off from the Russian Baikonur cosmodrome after training in Russia and learning the language of Pushkin,” the authors note.

the publication said that the progress the United States has become “a heavy blow” to Russia. 10 years ago Moscow carried out the most orbital launches, but this is no longer so because of competition from Chinese rockets and SpaceX.

In this edition emphasizes that the Russian President does not consider the space sector as a priority in demonstrating the power of the state, and is more focused on the development of military capabilities, particularly the high-tech hypersonic missiles.

Recall, the ship the American company SpaceX, was launched on 30 may with the help of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Together with astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken the ISS also went toy dinosaur Dino Space, sewn from fabric and decorated with sequins.

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