Media: the US and the EU may impose sanctions against PMCs

the United States and the European Union have been asked to introduce restrictive measures against PMC “Wagner”. A request was made by the interior Minister of Libya Fathi Basaga, it is quoted by Anadolu.

Barzaga noted that “the government of Libya will not allow mercenaries to control oil facilities in the country and expel these people from the military bases of the country.” The same position was taken by the permanent representative of Libya to the UN Tahir es-Sunni — he also called on the EU and USA to impose sanctions against PMCs “Wagner”, clarifies the issue.

Earlier with reference to the National Oil Corporation, wrote that armed foreign mercenaries entered the territory of the National oil Corporation of Libya. It was reported that the convoy “invaded” the field of ash-Sharara June 25, ostensibly to prevent the resumption of oil production and were met by a group of guards. According to the Corporation, among the mercenaries were representatives of several countries, including Russia, and fighters of the Libyan national army Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot. In the oil company expressed protest in connection with the incident, Recalling that the Libyan oil belongs to the people of Libya.

Recall that the national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya, Turkey and several Western countries accuse Russia of supporting the Libyan national army (LNA) through PMC “Wagner”. Moscow denies these charges.

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