Media: Transgender activist sentenced 14 days of arrest, she was taken to the men's detention center

The Tver district court of Moscow has recognized guilty of the transgender activist Pauline on the article about repeated violation of the rules of participation in the campaign, said “OVD-info” lawyer Konstantin Boykov. She was assigned to 14 days of arrest for nesoglasovannoe action against amendments to the Family code. However, reports “Rain”, due to the fact that Pauline has not changed the documents, she was taken to the men’s detention center. In connection with the same campaign, a supporter of “Civil society” Mile Zemtsova was awarded a penalty in the amount of 20 thousand rubles. “OVD-info” said that she did not participate in the protest and only took pictures of the participants. However, the court recognized its organizer uncoordinated action. We will remind, according to the bill developed by Elena Mizulina and other senators, transgender people and same-sex couples were forbidden to marry and adopt children. Recently in Moscow and St. Petersburg, police detained transgender, who came to picket against the innovations. In police departments were more than 30 people. Meanwhile, a petition against the amendments to the Family code of Russia has been signed by more than 43 thousand times. Opponents of the bill to ban transgender people in marriage and adoption, demand from the deputies of the state Duma to reject it as “discriminatory”.

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