Businessmen from the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin were the main beneficiaries of the “trash reform”.

this is stated in a joint investigation, “the Important stories “Zhukovsky Vesti” (Moscow region) and “Zebra TV” (Vladimir region), writes “the Sign”. The total amount of the contracts concluded by results of trades are analyzed, more than 2 trillion rubles. Many residents of the Russian Federation will pay for the removal and disposal of garbage for the next 10-15 years.

Among the beneficiaries, according to the investigation, people from the nearest environment of Putin’s friend since the days of the KGB Sergei Chemezov. Related companies become operators of garbage collection in four regions — Moscow, Moscow, Tatarstan, Irkutsk region. The total amount of the contracts exceeds 165 billion rubles.

Another beneficiary is Igor Chaika, the son of former Prosecutor General of Russia, now the presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal district Yuri Chaika. Company Igor Chaika “Charter” became the operator of the waste management in the Tula, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, and Moscow regions and in several districts of Moscow. The inhabitants of these regions of Russia will pay “Charter” within the next 10 years, more than 107 billion rubles for garbage collection.

In Moscow and Moscow region operators garbage collection are related to the British citizen mark Omelnitskiy. He has represented offshore companies Arkady Rotenberg and his son Igor. Companies close to Melescanu, earn on garbage reform 88 billion.

In Volgograd, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod and Saratov regions business related to garbage collection, will the company “waste Management”. The volume of contracts is 63 billion rubles. As wrote Forbes, she’s part of a major pension Empire of Russia, and its beneficiary — Yuri Kovalchuk, an old friend of Putin.

back in 30 regions of Russia, the beneficiaries of the reforms have people close to local authorities, and in 11 garbage given to companies without the experience of waste management.

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