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Medic: Cancer can be identified by smell

Medic: Cancer can be identified by smell

When cancer man begins to sweat, and the body forming a specific “smell of stale meat.” This was stated by the Moscow doctor-the dermatologist Irina Skorohodova the TV channel “Russia 1”.

She said that during a struggle with malignant tumors the body produces a “tumor necrosis factor”, which increases body temperature, and to reduce it, the body initiates the thermoregulation system, and the person begins sweating profusely.

Skorohodova Also said that if you have problems with liver and kidneys sweat acquires odor of ammonia. And diabetics often smells like acetone or rotten apples, the doctor added. She explained that diabetes mellitus reduced levels of insulin and glucose does not enter cells, and they need to produce energy and so go to the fats in a result in the body of patients with diabetes ketone bodies are formed, which are transformed into acetone.

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