So that “each patient, in each territory, can be taken care of by a local primary care team”, the National Council of the Order of Physicians (CNOM) has, this Friday, October 7, proposed a new organization of the course of care.

The watchword of this report is that of “cohesion”, the CNOM calling for the establishment of teamwork between all health professionals. It indicates in particular that doctors are ready for the “transfer of acts”, in other words to allow other health professionals to carry out tasks which were previously reserved for them. This measure, demanded by several bodies of caregivers, would allow, according to the Order, to fight against medical deserts. “The primary and local care team will be coordinated by the doctor with regard to the diagnosis, the therapeutic choices and the means implemented for optimized care of the patient”, specifies the press release, which adds that this inclusive team would make it possible to “to bring into the care of patients who do not have an attending physician”.

For the success of this “transfer of act”, the report calls for health professionals to engage in “a contractual operation”, characterized by facilitated exchanges of data. To do this, “the team close to the doctor will be reinforced by medical assistants and nurses”. The National Order of Physicians wants the various branches of the medical sector to come out of “insidious professional isolation”, and is counting, to do this, on the development of digital tools. The use of the latter would facilitate the exchange between professionals and, consequently, would increase the quality of care management. One question remains. This Monday, within the framework of the National Council for the Refoundation of Health, the minister concerned, François Braun, had called on the professional orders to make “proposals for the future”. However, those of the National Council of the Order of Physicians do not seem to be part of this government initiative. Contacted on this subject by L’Express, the CNOM did not wish to speak.