As proof, he pointed out in front of the 5,000 people in attendance announced by LFI, at the Palais des Congrès in Châteauneuf-sur-Isère, he said yes to Olivier Faure on his proposal for a shared initiative referendum (RIP ) regarding super-profits.

The rebellious leader indeed considered that it was necessary more “to tax the profiteers of crisis” in a period of “third-mondisation” of France, and designated a person in charge, Emmanuel Macron, “extra-planetary”. “How dare he talk about abundance, it’s been five years since this man emptied everyone’s pockets… He’s some kind of ghost of the 19th and 20th centuries who appeared there on his jet -ski?”, he launched.

Mr. Mélenchon explained that he approved “the PS proposal, because the PS, which is in the process of reconfiguring itself, interests us as a partner”.

He specified that the Insoumis “will mobilize to gather the 4.5 million and a half votes” necessary if the process first obtains, as is necessary, the support of 20% of the members of parliament.

In addition, the LFI chairman of the Finance Committee Eric Coquerel will launch a “flash mission” on the taxation of superprofits, and the Insoumis a petition.

“Thanks to Olivier Faure for making this proposal because it guarantees that the Nupes will live,” insisted Mr. Mélenchon.

Because the third in the presidential election (22%), who united the left behind him in the legislative elections, beat the recall of the partners trying to protect themselves from the rebellious hegemony. “It is not a question of being in competition, of differentiating oneself by some wickedness: rather than competition, emulation, being the best to defend the people”, he pleaded.

He projected himself on the October march, during negotiations between the Nupes parties, unions and associations: “All together we are going to prefigure this new popular front which we need to overturn the table”.

And Jean-Luc Mélenchon asked Nupes activists to organize all over the place “constituency assemblies”.

– “Living object” –

Before him, several officials from other Nupes organizations spoke. PS spokesman Pierre Jouvet, very proactive about the alliance he negotiated, received loud applause when he mischievously remarked that “the PS for years was rather accustomed to closing summer schools in Medef”.

On the other hand, the ecologists, through the voice of Léa Balage El-Mariky, insisted on recalling their historical identity – “we have sometimes defended ecology without you” – and put a damper, like the communist Léon Deffontaines: “Ne we veilons face, this agreement will not have succeeded in reversing the trend” to win the legislative elections.

LFI deputy Matthias Tavel, who contributes to Mr. Mélenchon’s speeches, bluntly warned AFP in return: “Nupes is not just an electoral cash machine, voters have no not voted to pay 23 green MPs but another policy in the country”.

According to him, “the power imbalances are not created by us, it is the voters”. Even if, he reassured, “the Nupes is a living object” and it is up to each party to be creative.

Unthinkable several months ago, the PS seems the closest to LFI. “Faure is happy to have been able to settle the presidential election so quickly”, where his candidate Anne Hidalgo achieved an abysmal 1.7%, judged Matthias Tavel.

The PS will on the other hand have to get used to the rebellious conflictuality, confided to AFP the deputy of the rising generation Louis Boyard: “The absentee bloc does not wait for us to take gloves. It is up to them that ‘we want to talk. We are convinced that this is the right strategy”.

Displeasing the moderates does not worry him: “The Social Democrats, they came to the presidential election” by virtue of the useful vote.