The leader of the PCF wished them Friday, during the traditional “speech to personalities” on the national stand of his party, a good “return to this great meeting of social struggles”.

“Our CNR to us, we want it popular and it is here”, proclaimed Fabien Roussel in reference to the National Council for Refoundation launched by Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, and which the oppositions boycotted.

Scrambled for several years with the Communists, which resulted in the candidacy of Fabien Roussel for the presidency, Jean-Luc Mélenchon returns Saturday at 11:00 am on the stage of the Agora, for an interview with a journalist from Humanity.

Mr. Roussel regretted before journalists on Friday that he had not accepted the invitation to the Nupes debate, the same day at 4 p.m., with himself, the socialist leaders Olivier Faure and ecologist Julien Bayou and Mathilde Panot, president of the LFI deputies.

“That we all debate together would have had a lot of fun … But Jean-Luc likes to be alone in front of his audience”, tackled the national secretary of the PCF. He warned on stage Friday that he “will continue to carry a singular voice”.

– “Same wavelength” –

He thus advocated a “labour left and not benefits”, believing that the Nupes had failed to speak to the working classes.

Fabien Roussel said he did not want “a France of unemployment, bonuses, social minima and poverty; we want dignity, earned through work”. “A left that speaks as much to the peasants as to the workers, to the French in the cities as to those in the fields”, he added.

“It is true that part of the population did not follow the left” and it is necessary “to restore its confidence”, reacted Olivier Faure. But according to him, a “Labour Republic” is not incompatible with “the protection of Unemployment Insurance”.

“We must not oppose those who are in employment and those who are not,” said Julien Bayou’s right arm at EELV, Léa Balage El-Mariky. “We Greens want to promote something other than emancipation through paid work,” added the official.

The goal of Fabien Roussel’s PCF, “it is not to differentiate ourselves, but we do not want to be included in LFI”, assure AFP in the spans of the party, Roland and Michelle, retirees and communist activists from the ‘ Essone.

They nevertheless stress that they hold to Nupes, which has made it possible to elect “many left-wing deputies”. “And for the moment it holds, the parties are on the same wavelength and it has to last”.

They may have the opportunity to stop at the stands of LFI, EELV and PS, which have been absent in recent years. “I’ve never known a PS stand at the Fête de l’Humanité,” smiled Olivier Faure.