Members of the colony

For the employees of penal colony No. 6 in the Orenburg region, also known as the “Black Dolphin”, conducted training for “self-knowledge” walking on broken glass. As the press service of the Federal penitentiary service, during the training, they had to walk barefoot on broken glass. The Minister stated that the purpose of the walk — “victory over fear, knowledge of ourselves.” “Stekloholding, one of the ways to overcome fear — not just an amusing trick, and a nice walking barefoot on glass, a great way to go beyond their limitations, fears and insecurities” — said in a release from the Federal penitentiary service. How to specify “Rain”, this is not the first training for Agency staff. In 2017, the staff of the office of the Federal penitentiary service for the Stavropol territory went to the glass to get rid of the “perennial of muscle, psychological and emotional blocks”.

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