Merkel called for the purpose of Germany the completion of the

The project “Northern stream 2” should be completed, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She stated that the U.S. plans to impose extraterritorial sanctions on the pipeline does not meet the legal concepts of Germany. “We believe that the kind of extraterritorial sanctions, which the USA plan, do not meet our legal requirements and expectations. We must admit that the construction is complicated, and we still believe that it would be right to finish this project. In this way we operate,” said Merkel, answering questions of parliamentarians in the Bundestag. She reiterated the official position of Germany, according to which the “Nord stream 2” is “the economic project has a political component”. “Therefore, Germany has put a lot of efforts to conclude with Ukraine transit agreement in the coming years and not to deprive it of the Russian transit times and transit duties,” — said the Chancellor. The United States threatened the “Nord stream 2” sanctions in the case that the owners will attempt to finish the pipeline — before the construction was suspended due to us sanctions the “first wave”.

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