Merkel did not rule out the failure of the EU summit

the EU Leaders were unlikely to reach agreement on a plan of economic recovery after the pandemic. So says German Chancellor Angela Merkel, writes Reuters.

“There are a lot of good intentions, but a lot of positions. I will make every effort, but it is possible that the result would be,” she said.

#EU summit: Angela Merkel warns of possible no deal on aid recovery European Union talks on a shared coronavirus stimulus package will reconvene on Sunday after the failure to agree on what strings to attach to the aid. The German chancellor sa… #Europe

— EUwatch (@EUwatchers) July 19, 2020

the Summit is in Brussels for the third day. In the first two days of the agreement could not be reached. Participants discuss a new budget plan $ 1.85 trillion and the creation of the Foundation for economic recovery in the amount of 750 billion euros.

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