Merkel met with the

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in the Federal state of Bavaria, where he held talks with the head of government of the region, Marcus Sederon — by definition media, “the crown Prince”.

the Prime Minister has invited Merkel to a meeting of his Cabinet of Ministers, which was held in the local “Versailles” Palace of Herrenchiemsee, built during the reign of Ludwig the Bavarian.

Merkel”s visit to Bavaria looks to some like the coronation of her successor via @raymondcolitt

— Zoe Schneeweiss (@ZSchneeweiss) July 14, 2020

Meanwhile in Germany, ah nah, in #Bavaria:
Prime Minister King #Söder and his secretaries meet #Chancellor Merkel in #Herrenchiemsee castle.@peanut_brigade @deeblock847

— Adrenochrome (@Claudia_Zahn) July 14, 2020

As writes Bild, allegedly, Zeder will replace Merkel office of the Federal Chancellor.

‘Crown Prince’: Was Merkel”s Bavaria visit an endorcement for her successor?

— The Local Germany (@TheLocalGermany) July 14, 2020

However, the policies to confirm it was not. “In the discussions of who will be my successor, I am particularly cautious,” — said the Chancellor. She refused to comment about the chances of Seder, saying only that the Prime Minister of Bavaria “good.”

“the More you from me on this subject does not hear”, — she said at the press event.

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