The Nice carnival is one of the can’t-miss events of the city. With the theme, this year, “the king of cinema”, the maskers went out of their way to shaping tanks, tights close of this edition 2019, which began on 16 February. And if the lords unopposed in the middle, like Charlie Chaplin or Jean-Paul Belmondo, are displayed on high statues, one of them is definitely exit of the lot: that of Harvey Weinstein.

The summary of the case, Weinstein – Watching on Figaro Live

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Laugh without mockery

Interviewed by BFM TV, a carnavalier says he has found a middle ground in the face of the seriousness of this case, which makes it flow of the ink from October 2017. “It is the magic of the carnival. From the moment we do not laugh, we can laugh of everything, he says. On other tanks, we are going to laugh at politicians, you will laugh at former players, but we laugh about it, is not mocked.”

The chariot of Harvey Weinstein that parades during the Carnival of Nice. Splash News/Splash News/ABACA

arms crossed, with a “pin-up” with a clap on which the hashtag #MeToo is inscribed, Harvey Weinstein is also surrounded by statues of the Oscars, different from those, which will be returned on the night of 24 to 25 February.

“He is surrounded by Oscar, who said nothing, seen nothing, heard nothing. This represents and symbolizes the silence of the world of cinema around this case Weinstein, ” explains the cartoonist Kristian. Cartoonist, particularly for Nice-Matin, he has worked on a quarantine tank over the course of the last 20 years. “I try to have a message like in my drawings,” he explains. Enough international, simple enough to understand for everyone to hit and being able to see the message.”

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Charlie Chaplin, another hero of the carnival. Splash News/Splash News/ABACA

Put in a review since may 25, 2018 by the court of New York, the mogul of Hollywood has lost significant support on January 15, in the person of his lawyer Benjamin Brafman, who had especially defended Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the case of the Sofitel in 2011. A new team has taken charge of the case. It is composed of Jose Baez, Ron Sullivan and Pamela Mackey. The choice of Jose Baez, is at the least surprising. The lawyer comes to defend Rose McGowan in a case of drug possession, even though the actress is one of the first to be accused Harvey Weinstein of violating 20 years ago.

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Ron Sullivan, himself, is a sort of Jacques Vergès american: he has been in charge of affairs “regarded as indefensible”, according to Vanity Fair . In 2014, he had been part of the defence of the family of Michael Brown, shot six bullets by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Finally, Pamela Mackey, has represented the ex-champion NBA, Kobe Bryant, in 2013, when an employee of a hotel, a young woman of 19 years, was accused of rape. The trio, who has until may 7 to prepare for the defence of the producer, fallen, is naturally very confident. They recalled the Telegraph , at the end of January, that their client “has steadfastly maintained his innocence.” “We will continue to fight for the defence of Mr. Weinstein,” said Jose Baez.

Accused of “predatory sexual assault” (“assault sexual predator”), one of the crimes most severely punished by the law in new york, Harvey Weinstein risk of between 10 years imprisonment and life imprisonment if he is convicted.