Metropolitan ambulance in March and April were made for 12 thousand visits a day

According to the station of emergency medical aid named Puchkov, until the end of April in an emergency daily treated more than 25 thousand people.

Crews have made 12 thousand visits a day. Thus, according to the Center for health statistics research Institute health organization and medical management of the Moscow Department of health, in the same period last year complaints were about 12 thousand.

According to the head of the Center for health statistics Anastasia Podchinenie in 2019 almost 50% of complaints were received from adults of working age. In 23 cases out of 100 visits ended in hospitalization. The teams in 98% of cases made the phone call within 20 minutes.

Despite a marked increase in the load ratios above the emergency and during a pandemic remained unchanged, said the head physician of city station of emergency medical aid named Puchkova Nikolai plavunov. According to him, from the first days of the emergence of the threat of the spread of coronavirus in the station developed a new work schedule of brigades and operational services.

“We have created a system of infectious safety, which we use depending on incoming calls to operators. For example, a call may be a patient with previously confirmed coronavirus infection, or pneumonia. Someone can only be a high temperature, for work with such patients require less protection,” said Baird.

He added that the high workload of health workers demonstrated interaction and continuity in the work “ambulance”, clinics and hospitals. “In such unity medical organizations ambulance city service, consolidating occupies a special place,” he said.

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