Mexico will not cut oil production from July

Mexico will not join in the extension of the reduction of oil production until the end of July. This was stated by energy Minister Rocio Nala, Reuters reports.

According to her, the country will stick to the initial agreements reached by OPEC members+ in April. In April, OPEC+ insisted that Mexico has reduced the amount of oil pumped by 400 thousand Barr., but the country agreed to reduce production by only 100 thousand barrels. a day. The rest of the share of Mexico production cuts took over the United States.

we will Remind, on June 6, OPEC countries agree to another month to save the overall quota at 9.7 million barrels. a day, valid in may and June. Countries that failed to comply fully with the terms of the agreement, pledged in July to September to compensate for the failure to comply with quotas.

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