Not to displease his fans and his cronies who have fought tooth and nail on social networks, MHD is not out of business. Indicted on 17 January after six months of investigation, the rapper is suspected of being one of the ten young people being beaten to death Loïc K., 23 years old. He had spent 48 hours in police custody. The new yorker , which had access to the items of the survey, reveals this Wednesday, the 2nd district of the judicial police in paris has some solid reasons for thinking that the rapper was involved in this crime wild.

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2h50 in the morning, Friday, July 6, 2018, rue Saint-Maur. A pack of ten young people in anger tumbles over another group. Loïc K. is thrown to the ground by a Mercedes sedan, owned by MHD – she was found burnt the next day. Lying on the floor, Loïc K. is beaten, disfigured, murdered. He dies 45 minutes later, reports the daily. The relief found 22 injuries on his body. The police suspect MHD of him to have taken a violent kick on the head.

“I was not present at the scene”, defended MHD, whose real name is Mohamed Sylla, before the judge of instruction. “In the evening, we started to go bowling and then we went to the City-Red [a social housing development in the Nineteenth arrondissement]”, she defends it. The investigators argue that his jacket Puma has been spotted on video surveillance cameras. Impossible to find in the trade, reserved to the “ambassadors” of the brand, the clothing has already been spotted on the rapper during a photo shoot. “I receive every week several packages and it happens to me to distribute to people,” responds MHD.

rivalries between bands

And his car, a witness said to have seen him drive? MHD explains that it is his Mercedes sedan “available to everyone” in the cité des Chaufourniers, in the Nineteenth arrondissement. A place, near a bar-tobacco, allows everyone to come and take it. Same old same old about dyeing blonde, he was wearing a few days earlier in the concert, which was noticed on the imagery of surveillance: “It is more than twenty in the city to have one”.

His lawyer, Élise Arfi, insisted on the good faith of his client, who wished to contact his own chief judge to explain the presence of his sedan. The scientific evidence is lacking for the time to the investigators to be able to incriminate the singer.

according To the police, Loïc K. was not targeted personally. The crime would be the result of rivalry between a band of the Nineteenth district, which belongs to MHD, and another of the Xth arrondissement. Among the other four young people set review, Babacar S., 29, a witness saw at the scene, perhaps a driver of a rapper. He claims to have spent the night in a nightclub. Wissem E., age 20, was suspected after one of its jackets had been spotted on the videos. Claiming his innocence, he is said to have spent the evening among friends. And the jacket? He would have loaned it to someone. Item more tangible, the DNA of Hamidou T., 23 years old, was found on the premises. Burns to the hand suggests that it is also he who is responsible for burning up the vehicle the next day.

On the social networks, MHD is discreet and has published nothing since the media coverage of the review. While he had planned a large concert at the AccorHotels Arena in march 2019, the event could well be compromised.