MIA: Involved in ethnic conflict in Moscow will be held responsible

the Police will act decisively to prevent any provocation on a national basis, said in the capital cupola MIA.

“the Moscow police will be immediately to prevent any manifestations of group violations of public order, to bring offenders to the statutory responsibility. In addition, in accordance with the migration legislation of the Russian Federation concerning foreign citizens can be taken in relation to the establishment of temporary restrictions on entry to the Russian Federation for a period of 5 years”, — stated in the message.

the Ministry stressed that the police officers together with fighters of Regardie on suspicion of committing illegal acts were detained more than 25 people. Criminal case under article 213 and article 162 of the criminal code.

Now law enforcement officers ustanavlivaut all the circumstances of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Department of the FSB in Moscow and Moscow region took place the meeting of heads of security agencies with representatives of the Armenian community in connection with the clubbing scene in Moscow. The Deputy chief of management of FSB across Moscow and Moscow region the General-major Andrey Yatsenko assured that all persons involved in these crimes will be “very severely punished”. The chief of police, major-General Igor Zinoviev and Deputy police chief GU MVD of Moscow region the General-major Vyacheslav Turcan encouraged to bring to each member of the community information that the perpetrators will incur criminal penalties, and the government is taking the strictest measures to suppress any extremist manifestations, up to the deprivation of citizenship and expulsion from Russia. The police warned that cases can be filed not only against those who have committed criminal acts, but also for those who are preparing some action, or calls to them. Earlier in the Moscow region of Russia have been a number of conflict situations between citizens. During one of them suffered man, was damaged and the car in which he was. Also unknown in the cafe, threatening visitors and staff, openly stolen from the cash of 50 thousand rubles, damaged property, and then from the scene disappeared.

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