MIA of Ukraine: Lutsk terrorist pre-planned hostage-taking

the security Service of Ukraine recognized terrorist act the case of hostage-taking in Lutsk (Volyn region). This morning, an armed repeat offender who calls himself Maxim Bad, got into the bus and captured its passengers.

the city launched a special operation Theatre square, where is located the vehicle, cordoned off.

a terrorist with a explosive; he had already thrown off the bus a grenade, which fortunately did not explode.

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— MVS Ukrainy (@MVS_UA) July 21, 2020

the Suspect also tried to shoot down a drone intelligence agencies, several times fired at him, said Deputy interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko.

According to him, Bad planned the crime in advance. “We see that he has long prepared for this, this man also wrote a book “the Philosophy of criminal,” which five years ago was published in the Internet”, — said Gerashchenko.

According to him, the terrorist does not allow to transfer captured food and water, don’t let them go to the toilet. The offender claims that the bus will be blown up if someone approaches, said the security official. The city turned off the radio to prevent remote bomb explosion.

“it is Important to hold talks with him, urging the need to surrender and release the hostages”, — said Gerashchenko.

he Later clarified that the suspect allowed the police to approach and pass hostages water.

the Publication of “the First channel of the social news”, released on bond with one of the hostages, said that the terrorist gave the authorities a half-hour to fulfill the requirements. “We called back and said that they are not mogut (to fulfill requirements). Half an hour was given. Already there is less”, — said the woman.

Earlier it was reported that the real name of the invader — Maxim Compressor. He is a citizen of Ukraine, born near Orenburg.

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