Broadcast Thursday night on M6,*, Leaving Neverland has the force of a tsunami. It should be seen preferably in the VO, in order not to lose the emotion. In this documentary, which is not a journalistic investigation, the choreographer of australian origin, Wade Robson, 36 years old, and the ex-child star of the pub James Safechuck, 41 years of age, testify and say that Michael Jackson has been subjected to sexual abuse between 7 to 14 years. To listen to this great artist was a powerful predator and manipulator. A pedophile who threw his heart on the little boys from low-income families. Leaving Neverland , it is Hansel and Gretel . A fairy tale arises where an ogre, a monster. The family of the singer, his fans and the estate of Michael Jackson to accuse the two men of lying, and point out, with reason, that the movie is only to support. It does not prevent. The spectator has the feeling to be confronted with the power of evil.

“It was inaccessible. The fact that he wants to be our friend was for us an incredible opportunity. I ended up with the consider like my son”

Stephanie Safechuck, the mother of James Safechuck

In may 2013, Wade Robson and James Safechuck have filed a lawsuit against two companies of the …

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