Michel Delpech has gone in 2016. The singer, made famous with For a flirt , The hunters or When I was a singer, , has died of cancer at age 69. His widow, Geneviève Delpech has entrusted this Thursday at the microphone of RTL , as his project, a musical tribute to her late husband will see at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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“She will be in a lovely room in Paris,” says Geneviève Delpech, without giving further details. “This will be its history,” she summarizes. To tell the life of the singer, who was entered in the career at the age of eighteen only, “Michel will be represented by at least three men, one youth, one young and one older.” A score of songs must be interpreted in the course of the show.

The castings for the musical started very soon. RTL we learn that the department of Loir-et-Cher, which is the title of one of the most iconic songs of Michel Delpech, will support the project of Genevieve Wolff.

the death of the singer, the idea of a musical comedy had already been mentioned. “Pierre Palmade, at one time, had written the texts of musical comedy Chez Lorette with Roland Vincent, who was the main composer of Michel. I’m going to work to make something like that”, she explained.

An album posthumously?

Genevieve Wolff reveals that twenty of the songs have remained in the drawers of the musician. “I have previously unreleased songs recorded but that he had not wanted to go out because he did not find the perfect job,” she says. When he recorded, he was seldom pleased: he was a perfectionist.”

From there to make an album posthumously, his widow hesitates. “To me, this poses a problem of awareness,” she confesses. She finds “very beautiful” but does not want to betray the memory of her husband by burning these songs. With emotion, she confides: “Me, I can’t listen to them, I can’t even listen to Michel.”

last November, the release of the album posthumous, Alain Bashung, authorized by Chloe Mons, his widow, had divided the minds. Entitled Upstream , the CD was comprised of securities that are denied by the artist in his lifetime. If, unanimously, critics have praised its musical quality, some have considered that it was to go against the will of the musician.

The Loir-et-Cher , Michel Delpech, 1977