This is the meeting of two holy monsters, one film, the other from the literature: in Spa , the film director Guillaume Nicloux film a-camera comedy between Gérard Depardieu and Michel Houellebecq, is pleasant to explore the “trouble standing” between fiction and reality. In this screwball comedy-like faux-documentary, in theaters Wednesday, the writer Houellebecq, known for his novels at the time, controversial, and visionary, and the actor Depardieu, famous for his talent as much as his excesses, in their own role, meet by cure de thalasso en Normandie, Cabourg.

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Not really convinced by the cure, and frustrated by the diet, without alcohol and without tobacco, which is imposed on it, Houellebecq falls on Depardieu as he smokes in hiding-place. They will, henceforth, begin to make an appointment with them in their room to drink wine and discuss life, death or politics, whereas, five years after his abduction (in a previous film), Michel Houellebecq will hear again about his former captors.

With Spa , the atypical Guillaume Nicloux signs his third film with Michel Houellebecq (after The Case Gordji: the story of a cohabitation and The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq ) and the fourth in five years with Gérard Depardieu (after Valley of Love , The End and The Edge of the world ).

As a foretaste of this new feature film, corked, Le Figaro , partner, offers you to discover an extract of the interview between the actors and the director himself.