its first life of an engineer, he has kept the love of the votes. The taste of discovery. And the direction of the opening. Three qualities that he placed at the service of artistic creation, when he was in charge of the ministry of Culture, between 2012 and 2016. They now serve as his mandate of director of music and creative culture at Radio France. Under his impulse, the Round House, with an auditorium acoustically impeccable and of four musical formations, opens each season more. New audiences, new genres, and new ambitions. As the digital portal Vox, my choir interactive. A unique tool in Europe to develop the art of choral singing at school. Run since 20 September, it will take off in the spring.

“The voice, it is the culture for all and culture for everyone, the expression of the most intimate and the most universal”

LE FIGARO. – How is born the project Vox?

Michel ORIER. – When I arrived in the direction of the music, I have opened a field of reflection on the educational value of such a structure. What is that, around our …

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