Twenty-eight years that elapsed between the Kama-sutra and Finally! , the new album of Michel Polnareff, which is released today. However, the man has lost none of its shine. And the French pledge always of affection to this exile who took up residence in the United States forty years ago. It is there, galvanized by the california sun and stimulated by the local musicians, that it has completed its disk. Album, a tonic and generous set of influences that have shaped the style of the composer for many years, between pop, ballads, disco, funk, tango, and pieces of film. Reached by telephone in Las Vegas, “Polna” is expressed with precision and enthusiasm, especially when he talks about music.

LE FIGARO.- Your new album is very toned and quite happy. Why?

“I’m worried for France at the personal”

Michel Polnareff

Michel POLNAREFF.- I try to do the opposite. I am interested in the future of my country. Even if I was not there physically, I am morally and mentally. Currently, France has the …

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