the features of The face have undergone the passage of time, the long hair forever blond is more smooth than before and are adorned with spikes blazing a bright red. But the large black sunglasses-rectangular white frames do not deceive: it is Michel Polnareff, who was interviewed Sunday night by Laurent Delahousse on France 2.

While his album of 11 tracks, titled Finally! was head of sales and downloads in the past week, the artist-74-year-old was loaned to the game at a distance, duplex in Las Vegas. If it has not been able to get on the tv show, it is, he says, that he is currently seeking new musicians in the Nevada city, he lives in the United States for many years.

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Despite this long exile, the interpreter, Letter to France reassured his fans hex: “From head to toe, I’m still French. Just a French who lives in America but who follows the news,” he says. A French current events eventful that the singer wishes to comment on: “I am what happens currently, which is a bit worrying,” he said in reference to the movement of the yellow vests. “I am sad, to know that people are unable to feed their children and I hope that the violence will not damage a cause sincere”, he adds.

An album release late bound, according to him, a too-full of inspiration

Often criticized for his output extended radar, Michel Polnareff also tries to justify himself on this point: “there has been an over-emphasis on the dates of my so-called lack, then I out things in the meantime”, he complained. Another explanation advanced to explain this album late: a too-full of inspiration. “If I don’t get out of disc before, this is not for lack of inspiration. I was very inspired, I spent a lot of time to choose the songs that I was going to put,” explains Michel Polnareff.

In any case, the one who “made disks to bring the best of himself” is satisfied with the outcome of this long-term job: “I am very proud of that record,” says he. The one that made headlines in the 1970s with his androgynous look and his behavior off of the nails seems to always show his rebellious side.

To the question “what is the politician that struck you most?”, he said Vladimir Putin. But according to the singer, no provocation in this statement: “Putin, I think it is a head of State that no one understands, so that other one can understand a little less”, explains Michel Polnareff.

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Another head of State a controversial who has his favor: Donald Trump. “We’re talking about a president atypical, justifies the singer. What I like about him is that he talks a bit “street”, that is to say that we do not feel in an ivory tower, not aware of the reality, the needs of the people.” His admiration for the american president knows, however, limits. “I’m not saying it’s perfect, I don’t like their attitude to the future of the planet, because I am completely not agree with him, I think that the planet is in great danger,” says the artist.

Finally quieted, he is said to have forgiven his father abusing

“The only thing that I reproach [to my father], this is me fucking strokes of the belt every time I was doing a wrong note or that I was singing wrong on a trick from music theory”

Michel Polnareff

If Michel Polnareff is still about little consensual, it is said, however, more peaceful than in his youth. In particular on the subject long painful of his education the hard way, nailed a 10-hour day at the piano by a father intransigent. “I can’t blame him for having me, let’s say, made a slave of the piano studies, analysis-t-it. The only thing I reproach him for is having me fucked up strokes of the belt every time I was doing a wrong note or that I was singing wrong on a trick from music theory”. But despite everything, Michel Polnareff said to be moved on to something else: “I have forgiven him in my head, which was very important to me.”

Finally, after watching a video archive in which Johnny Hallyday sings his praises, the singer looks back on her relationship with this other sacred cow of the French song. “His death was a terrible blow for which no one is really delivered,” he said. We were great friends, even if our paths are separated geographically. For me, Johnny has demonstrated a heroism extraordinary until the end. I don’t know how he was able to do the Old Bitches , it takes a special courage. I know that he was already suffering a lot.”

Despite her grief, Michel Polnareff sees it as an issue the death of the performer of the Gates of the Penitentiary : “When you have a friend, we don’t want to know that he is in pain and it would be selfish not to want to let him go,” judge he.

the Last revelation of this interview: the future return on the scene of Polnareff. “I have a project to tour, I am absolutely determined to get back on stage,” he says. A tour which will begin to be heard by the salle Pleyel, in Paris, where he had not been able to occur in 2016 due to a pulmonary embolism. A way for him to “avert fate”.