Mikhail Yefremov was deprived of the title role in the TV series

Staged a “drunken accident”, the actor Mikhail Efremov lost the lead role in the series “Vampires of the middle band”. This was told by his colleague, the artist Dmitry Lysenko, transfers “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

He explained that the producers of the films decided to adopt the role that was performed by Efremov, another artist. According to media reports, she can get Yuri Stoyanov. He’s already starred in the pilot episode.

the shooting of “the Vampires of the middle band” started in Smolensk region to the start of the pandemic coronavirus. Efremov got the main role of Santa glory of the immortal vampire Svyatoslav Vernidubov.

we will Remind, on June 8, the actor made an accident in the center of Moscow. Efremov was not injured, but serious injuries to the other driver Sergey Zakharov. He was hospitalized on the morning he died. Ephraim was sent under house arrest until August 9. On 20 June he was examined by a psychologist, psychiatrist and neurologist — the actor was found sane.

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