Millionaires from USA and Europe were asked to tax them for the sake of dealing with the crisis due COVID-19

More than 80 millionaires from around the world have asked the leaders of countries to impose higher taxes on their condition. Thus, the magnates want to help governments to fight the effects of coronavirus on the economy.

according to The Guardian, a letter with the following appeal was signed by the millionaires from USA, UK, Germany and other countries. Among them is one of the founders of Ben & Jerry’s Jerry Greenfield, the granddaughter of co-founder Walt Disney Company, Abigail Disney, one of the richest New Zealanders Stephen Tyndall and others.

the message on the website Millionaires for Humanity it is noted that because of the pandemic, about 500 million people were at risk of poverty. Therefore, the authorities should take responsibility for the collection of funds and their fair distribution.

“we Have a lot of money that was so urgently needed now, while the world will recover from this crisis,” said the authors.

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