Nearly 650,000 people were, 6 years ago, eligible for the minimum old age but only just under 326,0000 of them (50%) actually received it, according to the work of the Research, Studies, Development Department. evaluation and statistics (Drees).

According to tax data, non-receivers (a little over 321,000 people) would have benefited, if they had applied, from 205 euros on average (compared to 337 euros on average for those who did). affected), details the statistical service of the social ministries. In all, 790 million euros were thus unpaid.

According to the study, the non-take-up rate is higher among women (52%) than among men (44%) and the older the potential beneficiaries, the greater the non-take-up.

Emmanuel Macron had announced during his campaign for the presidential election to pay “automatically” social aid “to those who are entitled to it, to avoid non-use and fraud”. But this “solidarity at source” would only concern the activity bonus, family allowances, housing assistance and the active solidarity income (RSA), and not the minimum old age.