Minister of education and science has named most scarce in the world of IT-specialty

The biggest deficiency in the world of information technology (IT) now exists in the field of data Analytics. This was announced by Minister of education and science of Russia Valery Falkov at the meeting on the situation in the labour market, Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina.

According to Falkova, reports “Interfax”, all over the world are now one and the same situation: the most sought-after IT job is data analyst. These are the findings of the studies noted Falkov. Overall, he added, in Russia IT profession are also among the most in demand in the labour market. Also in demand health professions, and pedagogy.

On the question of the engineers he said that graduates of engineering specialties “good and fast job”. “From engineering schools to the problems with employment of graduates no”, — assured Falkov. The leaders in employment among the Russian universities — Moscow state University and St. Petersburg state University.

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