Ministry of communications:

the Law of the sovereign collection will create a switch to cut off the Russian Internet from the rest of the Network. This was stated by the Minister Maksut Shadaev.

According to him, the decision on “sovereignty” should be taken at the beginning of development of the Runet, and now “we are already too late”. Not even the technical capabilities to create a “switch”, explained Chadaev in interview to Vladimir Pozner. So Sadaev answered the question of studying whether in Russia the Chinese experience to establish a “firewall”.

Chagaev noted that in Russia, many Telecom operators and service providers have cross-border transitions, and so technically to block the Internet is almost impossible. “Part of the services may degrade for some time, but the switch, which will allow us to turn off the Russian Internet from the international no longer exists,” — said Chagaev, and added that at the leadership level of the country, this task is not necessary.

As reported “Interfax”, Sadaev also pointed out that the purpose of the act sovereign the world to ensure its stable operation under any external circumstances. “On the contrary, we say: guys, we want these services were always available and the necessary infrastructure needs to be duplicated, in order to prevent any degradation, accidental or malicious, of those or other services,” he said.

we will Remind, the law on the security of the Runet entered into force on 1 November 2019. It envisages the creation of an independent infrastructure, which will ensure the routing on the Internet if you cannot connect to a foreign root servers. It also requires operators to install equipment that is able to determine the source of traffic.

later, the Russian operators will be required to use the national domain zone — this provision of the law will come into force from 1 January 2021. With theseOh the same dates state agencies must use only domestic encryption information.

for threats of the Internet in Russia, Roskomnadzor will be able to operate a centralized traffic management in order established by the government. Threats are also determined by the government.

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