Ministry of education:

the Ministry of education does not intend to introduce distance learning in schools, but some of the capabilities “Moodle”, introduced this spring because of the coronavirus will be used in the future. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of education Sergey Kravtsov.

According to him, reports “Interfax”, it is about “classical form of training from 1 September.” With new opportunities “Moodle” will be used as “additional”, he said. He also said that early next year there will be a “diagnostic knowledge” students. It is necessary to identify the “deficit in knowledge” and to provide methodological assistance. Estimates for this work will not put, comforted Kravtsov. He said that the Ministry of education want to see “the real picture of the level of knowledge of” children to eliminate possible gaps.

he added that preparation is already underway for the new school year. He expressed the hope that all schools will be open. “All the experience gained in the exam will be used in the organization of instruction in schools, all the requirements of the CPS will be taken into account,” he promised.

the Minister Also reminded that from September 1 to 5 thousand roubles will be paid to class teachers, and any other payments will not be canceled. The primary school will provide hot meals, he added.

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