Ministry of environment:

Employees of one of the enterprises of Norilsk Nickel not reported in a Single duty dispatcher service (EDDS) on the “scale of the disaster” after a spill of diesel fuel at TPP-3 on may 29. This was stated by the Minister of natural resources Dmitry Kobylkin.

According to him, according to RBC, has worked the human factor, that is, the behavior of people who “were right there” (the company — approx. ed.). “Obviously, the local guys wanted to cope on their own. The only way this delay to explain,” — said Kobylkin.

Recall, may 29, from the tank at CHP-3 resulted in 21 thousand tons of fuel. It was in the soil and rivers Amarna and Daldykan. On 3 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced the state of emergency of the Federal character. Rosprirodnadzor assessed the damage from the accident in a record 148 billion, “Norilsk Nickel” have declared that do not agree with the settlement services and conduct their examination.

Representatives of “Norilsk Nickel” say that immediately reported to the local authorities and the Federal emergency services after discovering the incident in accordance with the procedure and response plan in an emergency. As proof they cited the statement on the website of EMERCOM in the Krasnoyarsk territory dated 29 may, which States that in the region of the Nadezhda metallurgical plant on the territory of CHPP-3 depressurization of the tank with diesel fuel. The report said also that the car drove into the spill, causing the ignition of the fuel.

Kobylkin admitted that about “fire” of the car really said. But about the scale of the disaster became known only on the third day.

we will Remind, the head EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Senichev at a meeting with Putin in early June, also said that the notification from the company about the incident in Norilsk came only two days after the accident, that is on 31 may. “We time everything is fixed, poetWMD here would be difficult to deny it,” he stressed.

Kobylkin added that to understand the situation has a consequence. It also has to understand why no information was provided in the EDDS into the incident. “Spill a small amount of fuel is one thing. When the reservoir is opened by a third, and it implies the fuel is quite another,” — said the Minister. According to him, if the failure was “a little early”, it was possible to put the boom closer to the spill site.