Ministry of health: Test on COVID-19 need of hospitalized

to test for antibodies to the new coronavirus COVID-19 it is necessary for all patients with planned hospitalization. This is stated in the seventh reaction of methodical recommendations of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, posted on the Agency’s website. Need to test with was Express tests.

Also a test for the coronavirus mandatory for those who are in orphanages, camps and boarding schools, including for the elderly. Also the test should be carried out for those who work in establishments criminally-Executive system “at the appearance of respiratory symptoms”, the document says.

earlier, the Deputy Director on innovative work of the St. Petersburg research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur, Alexander Semyonov explained that the coronavirus tests give false results because of the peculiarities of infection in the body. The expert recalled that COVID-19 enters the body through the upper respiratory tract, where usually testing with a special probe. “That is, roughly speaking, the virus enters the mouth, nose and gradually colonize the airway epithelium, sinking lower, lower and lower. When it develops the disease, if we are talking about pneumonia, this means that the virus started in the lower respiratory tract. However, he can hit him susceptible to epithelial cells of the upper respiratory tract: there’s just him left, it’s all in your lungs,” explained the biologist. Thus, the test gives a false negative result.

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