Keith Richards, who waives the dive bottle, it is almost as hard to believe that Iggy Pop leading a healthy lifestyle. However, the Iguana has long been converted to the benefits of the vegetarian diet and yoga, and guitarist of Rolling stone seems to have decided to follow suit. It has recently announced to have almost completely renounced alcohol.

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“It was time to stop,” explained the british musician 74-year-old, known for his love of whisky, in an interview with the cultural magazine american Rolling Stone . “It’s been a year now,” he said. I was fed up”.

“I do not really see the difference”

The withdrawal had to be difficult, imagine-t-on then. And well not even: “I do not really see the difference”, continued the best enemy of Mick Jagger.

His fellow guitarist in the Stones, Ronnie Wood, sober since 2010, for his part, explained that it was now Richards “softer”. “It is a pleasure to work with him,” he told Rolling Stone. “It is open to more ideas”.

But Keith Richards, arrested several times for drug possession in the course of his grueling career, has admitted to not totally shut down. It always consumes “in connection with” a beer or a glass of wine. Amounts all in all very reasonable which remain very far from its consumption, stratospheric alcohol and substances of all kinds, for decades of rock ‘ n ‘ roll attitude.